Anytime Banner
A friend posted these pennants and I had to get them! They come plain and I spray painted them with chalk paint so I can change it up with the seasons and holidays. I think it comes with 15 pennants and just use different ribbon etc. Get this sweet project HERE

Photo Wall
You can get these frames HERE

Black Christmas Tree
I can't believe I ordered a black tree! I can't wait. I have bright red, lime green, and white ornaments for it. I'll post a pic when I get it up, but heres the pic from the order.

Making Laundry Soap
Why would I make my own laundry soap? Because I can! I really just wanted to try it.... and we were out of laundry soap!

First you will need the following things. Keep in mind there are MANY variations out there. This is what I got.
*I purchased all of these things at the grocery store

-Borax 12 Cups
-Baking soda about 12 Cups (one variation is with washing soda. They say it has a higher alkaline level...but we got this at Costco and there is no way I'd ever be able to use it all up in a timely manner. Plus, I use baking soda to get stains out of carpet and cleaning etc. so I'm sure it will be just fine.)
-Zote 1 bar about 2 cups packed, grated (I kept a chunk just to rub on stains before throwing it in wash)

*A couple things you could or lavendar essentail oil. Both have degreaser capabilities and smell fab and fresh. You could use FelsNaptha soap or even Ivory (yuck!)

All you need is One Tablespoon per large load (we don't speak in terms of small loads at our house). With this amount, I can do roughly 400 loads. And by I, I mean my husband since he is the one who usually does it:)

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